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The Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio (Italian Short Film Center) was established in 2007 thanks to Gianni Volpi, who was president of Aiace Nazionale (Italian Association of Arthouses) at the time. The idea was to fill a void: to create a point of reference in the world for Italian shorts, by collecting films and at the same time promoting them both at home and abroad.

Since then, the Short Center has been operating as an agency for the Italian short, to ensure, amongst other things, an annual showcase of domestic productions at the leading event in the sector: the Marché du Film Court at the Festival of Clermont-Ferrand. The Short Center, thus acts as the main interface for numerous foreign players, from festivals to distribution.

In 2016, the Torino Short Film Market was set up. It is the major professional event in Italy in the area of shorts, realized by the Italian Short Film Center in conjunction with the National Cinema Museum and the Torino Film Festival.

The Italian Short Film Center is an Aiace Nazionale project realized in conjunction with the National Cinema Museum

Organization chart


Lia Furxhi

Project Manager

Elena Ciofalo


Alessandro Giorgio