A travelling girl (La viaggiatrice)

You can steal a girl his youth? Hind has worked for years as a caregiver at the home of an elderly lady, spends his days doing always the same activities, his is an endless routine of the same day, thus living in a continuous present, the agonizing wait for something, someone . In the evening, after putting to bed the old woman takes refuge in his room full of dreams. It will be the old lady to make her understand the importance of youth.

Davide Vigore

Year, length, genre
2016 – 15’ – fiction

Amira 3 produzioni, Don Bosco 2000

Festival distribution
Amira 3 produzioni

Eurydice El-Etr, Serena Baroni, Ada Simona Totaro, Lorenza Denaro

Festival awards
– EfeboCorto Film Festival (IT): Best short
– Vittoria Peace Film Fest (IT): Best short
– Video Festival Imperia (IT): Best cinematography
– Nastri d’Argento 2017 (IT): Special mention

Sales rights
Worldwide – Tv – VoD – Web – Theatrical