Frankie (Italian roulette)

This is the story of Frankie Tramonto, Italian immigrant, struggling to survive in modern New York City among improbable dates, typical Italian food and a shady immigration lawyer who forces him to confront with a dark choice in order to stay in the U.S.

Francesco Francio Mazza

Year, length, genre
2015 – 18’ – fiction

Rita Lourenço Laterca, Giovanna Levy, Francesco Francio Mazza

Festival distribution
Francesco Francio Mazza

Francesco Francio Mazza, Olan Montgomery, Christina Toth

Festival awards
– Oaxaca Film Fest (MEX): Best international short
– Nastri d’Argento 2016 (IT): Nomination Best short

Sales rights
Worldwide – Tv – VoD – Web – Theatrical