21 December – Short Film Day


Screening all over the world


The 21 December is the winter solstice which, in addition to official start of the most rigid season, is the shortest day of the years: the hours of light, between sunrise and sunset, are less than any day on the calendar.
It is for this reason that, all over the world, the winter solstice is an occasion to celebrate the short movie form, with screening in cinema, events and festivals.

For this reason is called SHORT FILM DAY.

The Short Film Day is an opportunity to enter production of short films that rarely arrive in the cinema, because they are confined mainly to the festival circuit, which is nevertheless able to meet the public’s favours for its originality and freshness.

The 2019 edition proposes to all Italian Diplomatic Representations abroad a program of short films by the Italian Short Film Center, available for free and that can be screen from 19 to 23 December.

The program is dedicated to contemporary italian productions, and it is an overview of the best and recent short production.

The shorts:

Black, Sara Taigher
animation – 2018 – 14’

Gagarin mi mancherai, Domenico De Orsi
fiction – 2018 – 20’

Nessun Dorma, Paolo Stippoli
fiction – 2018 – 19’

Un segno nello spazio, Nicholas Bertini
animation– 2018 – 5’

Parru pi tìa, Giuseppe Carleo
fiction– 2018 – 15’

Mon clochard, Gianmarco Pezzoli
fiction – 2018 – 15’


More info HERE

To join the initiative, write to promozione@centrodelcorto.it