4 Italian shorts on Giapponese VoD dTV (Pacific Voice)

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We are glad to announce that 4 of our shorts Agata by Giacomo Boeri, Bagni by Laura Luchetti, Respiro by Andrea Brusa & Marco Scotuzzi and Yonder by Roberto Cinardi are now available on the Giapponese VoD platform dTV!


AGATA – 2016 –  15′ – fiction
Directed by Giacomo Boeri, produced by The Blink Fish
with Michela CesconStefano Fiorentino
The peaceful life of Agata, a 40-years-old solitary woman, is turned upside down by the accidental arrival of mysterious metal cylinder.
The cylinder turns out to be a cryogenic semen container that comes with a kit for home-insemination.  Agata is called to make a choice.


BAGNI – 2015 – 8′ – animazione
Directed by Laura Luchetti, produced by Donkadillo & MiBACT
Lea is a chubby old lady with a large pair of glasses perched on her nose. She has worked in the same public toilets for many years. She loves her job with its tidiness and cleanliness, but more than anything else, she loves to dream. Toilets is the story of Lea’s impossible dreams.


RESPIRO – 2016 – 8’ – fiction
Directed by Andrea Brusa & Marco Scotuzzi, produced by Nieminen Film
with Zena Abram, Laura Tombini
When a Syrian refugee has to cross the Italian border she discovers that just one thing can save her: her breath.


YONDER – 2017 – 23’ – fiction

Directed by Roberto Cinardi, produced by Section80
with Simon Merrels, Martina Codecasa, Fernando Ferreira, Gary Parsons, Chris Blake
 Nathan hasn’t seen another person in decades, ever since the bombs fell and life on earth almost completely vanished. His is an empty world, but he’s not alone.
Visit the website: https://pc.video.dmkt-sp.jp/