Filmbreve 2007

Catalogue of the international program of art shorts – 4th edition.

The Concorso per il Miglior Corto Italiano dell’anno (competition for the best Italian short of the year) shows a situation that maybe is starting to change. In all Italian movie making, 2006-7 was an annus horribilis from the production viewpoint, yet, surprisingly, at least for the short, was an interesting year as concerns expressive results.

Isolated, certainly, but FilmBreve has never given in to the myth of the galaxy, as it was once called, to a widespread creativity which in point of fact was not experienced as freedom to move around an “unlimited area”, but as a dream, waiting, a substitute to a possible film. Instead, again there is a drive to research or to stage rigorously. Even the pleasure of viewing. Even using one’s own misery in active complicity with the media modernity of the short system.