Filmbreve 2009

Catalogue of the international program of art shorts – 6th edition.

We have often written that the short is the mark of the current movie world, a sort of reality and change detector. The short form with its many articulations and blends (of genres, formats, customers, addressees) is in itself almost a refusal of “what of you are seeing”. Even a kermesse has to be the symptom of what is changing in the movie and television worlds. And the year 2008-09 appears to have been an excellent vintage to us. Also because of what these films are not. They are not serial films, which play on trivial expectancy systems. They do not lack suspense, if only to find out who the film maker is. They are not films which end the moment they start. They are not films without a purpose. They are not films without a significant message or at least something original, queer or unusual. They are not private films, but at most wholesomely individualistic.