Catalogue of the internationa program l of art shorts – first edition.

The brief history of the Italian short seems to have reached a new turning point. As if a third generation had already appeared on the scene which in some way is reconnected to its origins. 1980 was a symbolic year in the recent history of Italian cinema, because of its history of crisis seemingly a permanent condition. It marks the birth of something different, independent, which acts on other views and imaginations, on an unprecedented cross cutting of formats, genres, techniques.

Early works by Soldini, Martone, Ciprì and Maresco, Tavarelli, Chiesa, Calopresti, Roberta Torre, Segre, Francesca Archibugi make their appearence. The short and in general unconventional formats have always meant a way of life with images for them not waiting for impossible films. A world which has come from elsewhere with respect to our

movie making tradition, which expresses new realities, new sensibility, even a new concept of the media. The following decade saw the development of shorts along unexpected tracks, which were much more professional, marked by the intention to prove one’s technical skills and to show command of methods and logic of a potential market. The latest arrivals, the authors of the new millennium, se