Insetti by Gianluca Manzetti on Mediaset

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We are glad to announce that Insetti by Gianluca Manzetti is available on Mediaset Premium.

Don’t miss the first TV screening:

  • 4th of January, 1.00AM, on Premium Cinema Channel (Pay TV)


Next screenings schedule:

  • 8th of January, 2.20PM
  • 9th of January, 9.30AM
  • 28th of January, 4.10PM



2017, 21′, fiction
Directed by Gianluca Manzetti, produced by Sagrada,
with Mauro Racanati, Alessandro Haber, Carlo De Ruggieri

A little insect inside an electric circuit triggers the alarm of an
apartment. This little event will be the meeting between the nephew of the
apartment’s owner, an old unstable neighbor, and the eccentric block’s
security guard. They will find themselves locked in a vortex of misunderstandings
and violence. The same existential condition of the little insect within the circuit.


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