Italian shorts @ Encounters Film Festival


25 to 30 of September 2018


We are glad to announce… Encounters Film Festival (Bristol, Inghilterra) will host two Italian short films programs curated by Italian Short Film Center.



The quest for realism in Italian cinema is more alive than ever. Social topics ranging from immigration to work have become widespread in Italian shorts as well as feature films. What’s new, however, is the way these issues are being tackled by young filmmakers, who are mainly stepping beyond Zavattini-style neorealism – a thorn in the side of Italian cinema – and instead drawing inspiration from Pasolini of the early sixties. A paradigm from the distant past, no doubt, but which should be read through a moral rather than stylistic prism. Reality is an endless source of contradictions, yet also the cornerstone of poetry, which cinema, even today, is capable of producing.


  • Magic Apls, Andrea Brusa & Marco Scotuzzi, 2018, 14′
  • Lobster Dinner, Gregorio Franchetti, 2017, 15′
  • Il Silenzio, Ali Asgari & Farnoosh Samadi, 2016, 15′
  • Denise, Rossella Inglese, 2017, 15′
  • Bismillah, Alessandro Grande, 2017, 14′
  • Il tratto, Alessandro Stevanon, 2017, 15′



Italian horror films are better known outside of Italy. From Bava to Fulci, not to mention Dario Argento, the great Italian masters of this genre have emulators and devoted fans all across the globe, whereas in Italy they’ve been largely confined over the past 15-20 years to critical rediscovery. However, a new generation of filmmakers has been exploring the horror genre, despite the many difficulties of an ever-shrinking market dominated by American blockbuster producers. These films should be seen through the lens of experimentation, like the rise of new forces in a challenging field both from the production and aesthetic standpoint.


  • Birthday, Alberto Viavattene, 2017, 14′
  • I see monsters, Federico Alotto, 2013, 15′
  • La zona avvelenata, Michele Alberto Chironi & Danilo Quibrino, 2014, 18′
  • Il sentire dell’occhio, Alessia Cecchet, 2017, 6′
  • Doppelganger, Simone Corallini, 2014, 18′
  • Undercover Mistress, Giulio Ciancamerla, 2016, 13′


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