KM9 – A thriller with the wind in the hair


“Km9” by Filippo Valsecchi (2022)

It’s dawn, it’s the 1980s and a red Panda is speeding through the dusty Maremma countryside; at the wheel – heading for the sea with the wind in their hair – two carefree youngsters returning from a party night. Suddenly a crossroads, some oral sex, the arrival of two dangerous individuals. This is the starting point for ‘KM9’, a pulp thriller that races towards an increasingly unexpected ending.

Filippo Valsecchi, a musician in his first experience behind the camera, imparts (and succeeds) an irrepressible musical rhythm to the swift flow of the narrative thread. In fact, a fatal inertia and a highly polished photography (recalling the taste of 1980s crime thrillers) invest the images with energy and warmth.

Between pathos, scene reversals and an exceptional soundtrack, the short film flows fluidly, keeping the attention high until the end.

– Francesco A. Dubini


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