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Black, Sara Taigher
2018 – 14′

During a long blackout the music producer Matteo manages to overcome his loneliness thanks to his neighbour Greta, a writer who makes him rediscover the pleasures of simple things.

Gagarin mi mancherai, Domenico De Orsi
2018 – 20′

In a world where nature prevails, a man and a woman live their lives as the last survivors of their species. Working as farmers, they deal calmly with the fatigue, the silence and existence. Driven by the desire to escape, the man finds refuge in his imagination. He explores abandoned villages, scavenges for junk and designs improbable flying machines. The woman watches him from afar, but staying at his side with the care and the self-sacrifice that someone would offer to a madman. At least until something falls from the sky, breaking into their lives. An unexpected guest that will force them to wonder about themselves, about reality and desire, and the act itself of imagining.

Nessun Dorma, Paolo Stippoli
2018 – 19′

The town is quiet. Only the breaths and a few dogs barking win the silence. Men, women and children, all suddenly fell in a permanent sleep. Two young boy scouts sheltered in a church are the only ones still awake in a sleeping world.

Un segno nello spazio, Nicholas Bertini
2018 – 5′

Exhibitions: A sign in space . While reading the newspaper at the table of a bar, this ad attracts Mr. Qfwfq’s attention. The discovery of the primordial mark generates a storm of memories, a
flash-back browsing through the story of the universe. Mr. Qfwfq, upset, wants to check if the sign is really the one that was lost some million years ago. But the finding can only bring to an outcome: bringing everything as it was in the beginning. Before Qfwfq’s sign, space did not exist, and had probably never existed.

Parru pi tìa, Giuseppe Carleo
2018 – 15′

Annachiara lives in the suburbs of Palermo with her family. She wants to win back her ex boyfriend. Her grandma suggests that she uses an ancient rite that could save the destiny of her lost love. 

Mon clochard, Gian Marco Pezzoli
2018 – 15′

Davide lives an uneventful life with his family in a quiet apartment building. His daily routine is disrupted when his neighbors welcome a homeless man in the building’s courtyard and start taking care of him. Davide begins harboring a deep hatred for the man and tries to get rid of him.

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