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Lorenzo Pallotta - Las Hadas (4)

Las Hadas, Lorenzo Pallotta
2021 – 13′ – fiction

Concrete prefabricated structure and bare rooms. Four young girls break the silence. A meeting in a desolate square and a last video before embarking on a journey in search of their physical and mental freedom.

Il gioco 2

Il gioco,  Alessandro Haber
2020 – 12′ – fiction

A man and a little girl are sitting at a kitchen table. We don’t know who they are or why they are there. The light tones of the conversation gradually change into something tragically different, when the little girl speaking of a strange “game of happiness”, which “he” made her play, reveals something shocking.


Servi di biciclette, Michele Granata
2020 – 15′ – fiction

Bruno is a middle-aged unemployed desperate for a job. Forced to live on expedients in order to support the family, he will be forced to reinvent himself as a pizza delivery boy to be able to carry on. Having purchased a bicycle thanks to his wife’s last good, he will soon discover that nobody is ready to help him and that the war between the poor is the only reality that belongs to him.

zheng Wuo

Zheng, Giacomo Sebastiani
2020 – 24′ – fiction

Zheng is a lonely Chinese young man, who works in Italy since he was a child. Even he has succeeded to stop from working in factories and consolidate his position he doesn’t feel fulfilled. In conflict with the working rigour and the desire to enter into contact with his peers, Zheng is going to be called to take a decision.


Il branco, Antonio Corsini
2020 – 13′ – fiction

William is a rich and troubled teenager whose pastime is organizing dog fights together with a group of delinquents that he calls friends. When he shows his true origins to the girl he is in love with, everything changes.

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