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Creatura - Giada Bossi

Creatura, Giada Bossi
2021 – 18′ – fiction

In a small provincial village in the north, Nina, a shy and insecure young gymnast secretly adores Gio, another popular and casual girl from the village. When Gio realizes Nina’s awe towards her, he decides to make her an adept, in an ambiguous and abusive game, disorienting Nina, who, subjugated, finds herself at the mercy of Gio’s manipulations and whims, which will lead her to a point of no return, from which he will never be able to free himself, not even by changing his life and city.

The Most Beautiful Widow in Town - Mino Capuano

The Most Beautiful Widow in Town, Mino Capuano
2021 – 12′ – fiction

Ettore, the owner of a funeral parlour, meets Marilena, the only woman he has ever loved, who has lost her husband.

Mistral - Nico Bonomolo

Mistral, Nico Bonomolo
2021 – 10′ – animation

A man goes to work, sees a boat for sale. He dreams of a life to leave behind. He leaves, the dream leaves place to memory, the mistral forces him to a makeshift landing. A woman, another story, a new beginning? Like in an Escher drawing, everything begins again where it seemed to be ended.

Mami Wata - Paola Ortolani

Mami Wata, Paola Ortolani
2021 – 9′ – fiction

Gaia lives with her adoptive grandmother in a country house. She has a special relationship with a white lily plant she grew in her grandmother’s land; every day she takes care of it. Cristina is the daughter of a very powerful businessman. She is different from the other children. Her skin, diaphanous because she is albino, creates a wall of distance with the surrounding reality. When her father, an unscrupulous man, is interested in Gaia’s grandmother’s land, Cristina rebels against him. Story of a pure and simple friendship, Mami Wata takes its name from an African goddess, symbol of water and of the duality of nature: pure and pristine, rebel and free.

Night_Drops, Giuseppe Ferreri

Night Drops, Giuseppe Ferreri
2022 – 10′ – fiction

In the municipal swimming pool every evening a woman swims in total solitude. With each move, her thoughts melt and flow away, her torment subsides but sometimes the water is not able to erase our deepest obsessions.

I Wanted to Be Vittorio Gassman - Cristian Scardigno

I Wanted to Be Vittorio Gassman, Cristian Scardigno
2021 – 15′ – fiction

1962. Aldo Marianecci, a 40-year-old actor seeking his fortune, returns to his home town, Cisterna di Latina. He spends the weekend with his lifelong friends and a young American girl he met on a set in Cinecittà. The wait of the phone call that could change his life marks his days.

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