Short on the water @CAP10100

Rassegna di corti italiani @CAP10100


The Italian Short Film Certer and the Compagnia GenoveseBeltramo are promoters of a rediscovered way of using the Italian short film, with particular attention to the current moment of cultural rebirth after the COVID-19 health emergency.

The common objective of the two cultural realities is the will to address and analyze, from multiple points of view, the theme of restart: not only social restart, which is again confronted with initiatives of collective presence, but also and above all cultural, through the proposal narratives capable of recounting a common desire for recovery.

Twelve evening appointments will be organized, at 22h30 on every Thursday, Friday, Saturday in July, linked by the fil rouge of this current theme, within the space made available by CAP 10100 of Turin.

Each screening will be followed by a meeting with a professional in the sector: the audience will thus have the opportunity to compare, from time to time, their point of view with that of the guests.

The program will be organized as follows:


Thursday 2.7

L’uomo che non voleva uscire di casa, Savino Genovese – 2019, 16’

Friday 3.7

Sufficiente, Maddalena Stornaiuolo – 2019, 9’

Black Tank, Alberto Basaluzzo – 2019, 7’

Saturday 4.7

In zona Cesarini, Simona Cocozza – 2018, 13’


Thursday 9.7

Bautismo, Mauro Vecchi – 2018, 17’

Friday 10.7

Sarino, Valerio Filardo – 2019, 14’

Saturday 11.7

Materia Celeste, Andrea Gatopoulos – 2019, 15’


Thursday 16.7

Riccardo che rimbalzò sulle stelle, Lala Vlady – 2019, 12’

Friday 17.7

Anne, Domenico Croce, Stefano Malchiodi – 2019, 16’

Saturday 18.7

Briganti, Fabrizio Urso, Bruno Urso – 2018, 15’


Thursday 23.7

La gabbia di Nizar, Mirco Valenza – 2019, 17’

Friday 24.7

Polvere Sottile, Boatto, Cianci, Zanonato – 2018, 8’

Born Twice, Giada Bossi – 2019, 8’

Saturday 25.7

Fatta male, Ludovico Bossi – 2018, 17’



Participation will be guaranteed upon reservation (free), subject to availability.

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