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Still 1

All night long
2021 – 19′ – Eric Scabar

Ferdinando and Maicol are two friends in their twenties. One night, they carry out the plan to kill Lucrezia, Ferdinand’s mother. By leveraging Maicol’s weaknesses and precarious economic situation, Ferdinando convinces him to make the atrocious gesture by promising him a large sum of money.


Cose loro
2021 – 7′ – Silvestro Maccariello

In an apartment building a disturbing event is often repeated. Andrea is a scruffy journalist and like everyone he can choose: to see or to ignore.

DIORAMA_regia di Camilla Carè_ph Claudia Pajewski_lr5801

2021 – 10′ – Camilla Carè

In an isolated house lives a family of five: Father, Mother, Eldest Daughter, Younger Daughter and Newborn. Everyday life is marked by household cleaning, by the fear of the outside and by the weight of an imminent invasion from which to protect themselves.


Family trip
2021 – 18′ – Francesco Della Ventura

Pietro takes his family out to lunch. They don’t imagine that the choice of the restaurant is not accidental. Olga, Pietro’s lover, with whom he hasn’t spoken in a month, works there. Pietro is willing to risk his whole life to make things right between the two of them.


2021 – 15′ – Francesca Frigo

Steven plays football in a team made up of boys with intellectual disabilities. When a mystery man appears at the field, the word spreads that Steven is about to be bought by a Serie A team! Meanwhile, the arrival of the man upsets the boy’s mother, who knows his real identity…

LNB still

The night burns 
2021 – 16′ – Angelica Gallo

Born and raised in a small town, Max doesn’t study or work. With the help of his friends, Antonio and Hamza, Max takes pleasure in stealing jewellery and valuable objects that they could then resell to unscrupulous jewellery stores. The days pass in a repetition of petty thefts and meetings with a pusher from whom they buy all kinds of drugs, until the unexpected happens.

Le Buone Maniere 1

Le buone maniere
2021 – 19′ – Valerio Vestoso

Mimmo Savarese, 50 years old, was the greatest sports commentator of his generation. Now that his career is on the decline, he has the opportunity to make a comeback thanks to an unusual job offer, which conceals within itself the opportunity to masterfully avenge a dramatic wrong suffered as a child. He succeeds in avenging life with the talent he possesses best: the exercise of words.


Radio Riders
2020 – 14′ – Paola Piscitelli, Fabio Corbellini

Feet hooked on the pedals and eyes focused on the cell phone screen. Dashing through traffic on their bicycles, or riding a scooter, in the hot sun and pouring rain, the delivery cube on their backs. Somewhere between a hot air balloon and app placement icons, Glovo’s yellow dot evokes the same exclamation they do when they appear as volatile visions in the city. They are the home delivery men, the “mercury” of the dynamic and multicultural metropolis that Milan has become since the Expo, an hungry city for any kind of food as long as it is made by others and ready-made. While time, even more than food, is the commodity of exchange, the delivery men pay dearly for the price of a production system that deprives them of the most basic labor rights, the awareness only recovered by them through traumatic experiences. Radio Riders tells the story of food delivery tuning directly with the voices of the deliverymen, against a city that grows on them leaving them unheard.


Underwater love
2021 – 5′ – Falzone, Fiore, Martiradonna

A girl asks herself many questions, faces her problems with some monsters, anger makes her turn into a wasp, mingles with her King underwater, cries exaggeratedly, turns all red and finally she grows tall as a giant.



Vale, the last match
2021 – 20′ – Teresa Sala, Stefano Zoja

Valeria is on the verge of the last match of her career as a professional boxer. Since she was a child she has always been very pugnacious, up to when she had to fight for the right to assisted suicide for her life long partner Fabiano, who became blind and quadriplegic after a car accident. Now, as she fights on the ring, her words tell us the unpredictable shock of two lives, the sacrifice during years of therapy and the downslope to the end. As the match unfolds and movements get heavier, we discover the anger that still pervades her because of the other life she lost: her father’s suicide, almost simultaneous yet opposed to that of Fabiano. While Valeria gets exhausted and flings her last punches, she is infact fighting two opposite fights: settling her life long conflict with her contradictory father while taking care of the last moments with her lover. As time freezes she desperately tries to reach for some inner resource to cope with all of this, while she realizes that her last fight has always been against Death.

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