Ten Shorts around the World

The Italian Short Film Center, in collaboration with the The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, will make ten short films available free of charge for the whole of 2018 to Embassies, Consulates and Italian Cultural Institutes. The shorts have been chosen among the most significant and representative of the last few years and will be screened in the course of events organized by the various Italian diplomatic missions.

The scheduled titles are:

  • AB OVO, di Luca Ferri – 2016, 25′
  • BIRTHDAY, di Alberto Viavattene – 2017, 15′
  • BISMILLAH, di Alessandro Grande – 2018, 14′
  • DENISE, di Rossella Inglese – 2017, 15′
  • INSETTI, di Gianluca Manzetti – 2017, 20′
  • KOALA, di Cristina Puccinelli – 2017, 15′
  • PASTARELLE, di Gianluca Manzetti – 2016, 16′
  • RESPIRO, di Andrea Brusa, Marco Scotuzzi – 2016, 7′
  • TIMBALLO, di Maurizio Forcella – 2017, 17′
  • YONDER, di Roberto Cinardi – 2017, 23′

Each short is accompanied by a technical data sheet and photographs which may be downloaded, free of charge, by the Italian diplomatic representations.

Non-Italian festivals, institutions or other subjects interested in these shorts are asked to apply only if their programs are organized jointly with Italian diplomatic representations.