Grazie Gaetano

It’s only the beginning.
Gaetano sowed a lot, having always been capable and committed to doing more than telling, and over time we will realize his influence on various fronts, not just in Turin. Culture, cinema, environmentalism.
If today environmentally themed festivals are a solid reality all over the world, it is thanks to pioneers like him. Among the first to find the formula to combine culture, audiovisual, and proactive environmentalism in all its facets. Without ever forgetting research, his passion for authorial cinema gives back the place they deserve to filmmakers and realities of the past. Starting with Vittorio De Seta, also the subject of his degree thesis.

But we don’t want to make lists of the many things he accomplished, instead, we want to remember his attitude, his ways, and his generosity as authentic as it is rare. Since the beginning of Cinemambiente Gaetano has always moved trying to unite. Uniting people, and cultural realities. If the Green Film Network exists today it is above all thanks to him. If organizations like Friday For Future exist today, and the sensitivity of the new generations towards the environment has changed, it is also thanks to the actions of people like him. Capable of reaching many, with grace, creating reflections and awareness, and suggesting ways of being in the world. He managed to make complexity accessible, using a form of entertainment to convey information and support good practices.

Gaetano was above all a teacher for many. Cinemambiente, in all its forms, has welcomed young people over the years and transformed them into professionals. Gaetano was also a school. A natural trainer, thanks to his generous nature, desire, and ability to share his experience. his knowledge, to his propensity to unite.
In that sense: it’s just the beginning.
All the seeds that Gaetano has planted over the years will have strong roots and long life.
In the profound sadness of this moment, we simply want to thank him for everything he did gave us, and shared with us.