THE FLIES – Between guilt and adolescence


The Flies by Edgardo Pistone (2022)

That of adolescence is a disjointed time composed by long instants and sporadic daily occurrences. An age caught (so to speak) between a too young past and a too adult future; between innocence and guilt. This is the existential field examined by Edgardo Pistone in ‘Flies’. A black-and-white film that – like its young protagonists – proceeds in cuttings of time.

The free narrative unfolds itself in an innocent observation of episodes, jokes, expectations. Pistone demonstrates pulse and maturity in mastering the short form through precise direction and writing congenial to the duration.

Four Neapolitan teenagers buzz – like flies – grappling with an irremediable dissatisfaction that draws them, as if by inertia, towards the rotten. When the present becomes opaque, danger glitters and it takes little to commit the irreparable. Killing time, in Naples, can become dangerous; sometimes you just end up killing. And all this, just for fun.

– Francesco A. Dubini


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