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RAI Production Center – Via Verdi 16 – Ground Floor
ven 18 nov (15-18), sab 19 nov (10-16), dom 20 nov (10-16)
18 november, 15-19
19 november, 9.30-19
20 november, 9.30-19
RAI Television Production Center | Via Verdi 14 | 2nd floor
 Facilities and services open to TSFM accredited guests only
Video Room.
Video Room. Six stations will be available for viewing short films loaded on the market video library. It will be open to all those accredited following registration at the reception desk.
Salotto per incontri.
Meeting room. A private area of the TSFM, which can be used for one-to-one meetings after the pitches and presentations. An informal, private area.
Lounge del TFF.
The lounge shared with the Torino Film Festival where you can have a coffee, and meet other accredited visitors at the TSFM or guests of the TFF.
19 novembre, 10-13
University of Torino | Via Verdi 41 | Ground floor | “Guido Quazza” Multimedia Laboratory to TSFM accredited guests only
(by Jacopo Chessa and Ludovica Fonda)
 Original contents are now at the core of the eco-system of the international audio visual which is starved for innovative and surprising talent and stories.
The idea at the basis of this project is that the very versatility of the short film – which is a short story, the chance of a new narrative, in addition to a tangible expression of talent all in one – represents a virtuous opportunity for the creative world of young people to meet that of the scripted industry. More and more feature films or TV series concepts derive from short works, and more and more young talent is being found thanks to shorts which in turn is engaged in professional cinema or television projects. Much more than a teaser, a short film, despite its brevity can convey the directing and script qualities to the viewer. Oltrecorto is a pitch and a tutorial, which wants to be a part of this new trend leading a short film to become a feature, a TV series, a concept that can be adapted to new narrative forms. The way it works is simple: a selection of shorts is presented together with the project to develop them into a feature or TV series. This pitch is for international professionals of the scripted cinema-TV world (producers, distributors, scenographers), with whom the participants at the pitch can meet on a one-to-one basis after the presentation. The end for the participants is to create production projects even through the feedback and suggestions for development coming from professionals in the business. While on the other side, professionals will have the opportunity to meet new talent which they can “follow” and engage in possible new projects. Oltrecorto would like to become a talent-scout observatory for not yet fully fledged filmmakers and an opportunity to maintain close contact with the international production world.
Selected projects
di/by Eleonora Veninova
di/by Philip James McGoldrick
di/by Frank Jerky
di/by Roberto Cinardi
di/by Petr Koubek
Moderator: Maurizio Di Rienzo (Journalist and festival consultant; board of SNGCI – Italian Association of Cinema Journalists)
19 novembre,14.30-16.00
RAI Television Production Center | Via Verdi 16 – Ground floor to TSFM accredited guests only
The idea at the basis of this pitch is to turn around a very well established model by putting the distributor at the centre of attention and not the buyer. At “Distributors meet buyers”, a shortlist of distributors will present their most recent purchases, their editorial line and future plans. Each distributor will have 10 minutes time. Then meetings can be held with potential buyers. The pitch “Distributors meet buyers” is the result of a call. A selection of the catalogues submitted to us but not chosen for the pitch will however be found in the video library of the Torino Short Film Market.
Selected companies
Nuno Rodrigues
Vanja Andrijevic
Ben Vandandaele
Shortcuts (FR)
Louisa Taabni
Luce Grosjean
Moderator: Mauro Gervasini (“FilmTV” Editor in chief, Venice Film Festival program advisor)
20 novembre, 14.30-16.00
RAI Television Production Center | Via Verdi 16 | Ground floor to TSFM accredited guests only
The short format is less suited to leave its country borders in the production phase than other audiovisual forms. International co-productions of shorts are rare also because of the lack of a specific policy of European funding. Generally speaking, with the remarkable exception of France, finding funding to produce shorts is difficult. For this very reason, the Torino Short Film Market has dedicated one of the events to certain European regional and national funds specially aimed at short films or which are among the formats to be supported.
The different types of funding and the specifics they represent will be found in the panel “Supporting Short Films”, thus opening up an ideally international showcase to producers who will come to the Torino Short Film Market.
Speaker: Chiara Fortuna
Speaker: Philippe Germain
Speaker: Sanja Ravlić
Speaker: Tracy Spottiswoode
Speaker: Paolo Manera
Moderator: Silvia Sandrone (Project Officer, Creative Europe Desk Media – Torino)
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