TRAVEL NOTEBOOKS: CAIRO, EGYPT – Egypt through video art


“Travel Notebooks: Cairo, Egypt” by Silvia De Gennaro (2022)

In a continuous variation of cut-outs, icons and changing geometric shapes, ‘Travel Notebooks: Cairo, Egypt’, a travel diary on the capital of Egypt, unfolds. The short film is a hybrid mixture of sounds and multiple inserts, which does not follow the dynamics of film editing ‘tout court’, but is articulated through the possibilities of electronic-digital editing.

It is precisely in this “digital” breath that Silvia De Gennaro’s video-artist skills lie, as she creates – modulating curtains and frames on the plane of depth – continuous articulations of the same material: the urban reality of the city of El Cairo.

Car horns, dusty streets, market stalls, pyramids, minarets, inlaid wood, gold, spices and incense are just some of the elements that make up the mosaic. Multi-layered tesserae that render, in their heterogeneous ensemble, the mystical flavour of Egypt and its culture in and out of time.

– Francesco A. Dubini


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