TSFM vol.3 selected projects


The Torino Short Film Market is proud to announce the programme of selected projects for the pitches:


Digita! – VR (November 22)

-22.7 by Molecule, Jan Kounen and Amaury La Burthe (Zorba Group, France)

Bye-bye Baikal: The Science, Spirituality & Politics of Extreme Water by Michael Owen and Georgy Molodstov (Mediacombo, USA)

In the garden of Madness by Girolamo Da Schio (ToVR & Kublai Film, Italy)

Leonardo: Doubts of a Genius by Francesco Lonardi (Reframe VR, Italy)

Mare Nostrum. The Nightmare by Stefania Casini and Pascal Hanke (Bizef, Tama Filmproduktion, Italy, Germany)

Sol-Air by Mihai Grecu (Barberousse, France)


Digita! – Digital Series (November 22)

Dear Mankind by Floris Asche (Dadam GbR, Germany)

Doxa by Alexandre Pierrin and Marquezy (La Générale de Production, France)

Drones Life by Matthieu Spinazzola (Akatimi, France)

Government of Children by Ioana Mischie (Storyscapes, Romania)

Hello Lisa by Thomas Veyrier and Thibault Marthi (Gaiart Gallery, France)

Hermann Sox by Corinne Le Hong and Eduardo Pavez Goye (Dubdolls, Germany)

Sex and the Six Teens by Bora Omeroglu (More Simple, Turkey)


Oltrecorto (November 23)

Avanos by Panagiotis Charamis (2DR2, Greece)

Babylon by Keith Deligero (Deligero & Co., Philippines)

Casablanca by Adriano Valerio (Dugong Films, Italy)

Emergency Exit by Bogdan Muresanu (Kinotopia, Romania)

Hana’s Last Day by Ines Moldavsky (Israel)

Sabine by Sylvain Robineau (Filmo2, France)


Pitch Your Fest! (November 24)

Cellu L’Art (Germany)

Clermont-Ferrand (France)

Figari Film Fest (Italy)

Go Short (Netherlands)

Kisakes (Turkey)

Regard (Canada)

Short Waves (Poland)


Distributors meet Buyers (November 24)

CSC Animation (Italy)

CSC Production (Italy)

Elenfant Distribution (Italy)

Feelsales (Spain)

Manifest (France)

Salaud Morisset (France)

Sixpack Films (Austria)

SND Films (Netherlands)

Travelling (Canada)


Event schedule available soon, stay tuned !