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We are glad to announce that 10 of our Italian shorts (Amira by Luca Lepone, Anna by Andrea Andolina, Bagni by Laura Luchetti, Black Comedy by Luigi Pane, Colombi by Luca Ferri, Frankie (Italian roulette) by Francesco Francio Mazza, Gibberish by Nathalie Bianchieri, L’Ultima Orazione by Gustav Baldassini, Rosa by Vincenzo Caricari, and Viola Franca by Marta Savina) are now available on VoD platform PANTAFLIX!


AMIRA – 2016 – 9′
A young woman is walking rapidly through the streets of a big city. Suddenly she stops, takes a breath, smiles and starts wandering aimlessly, seemingly in the grip of a feeble madness. She moves among people who pass by indifferently and only have time to consider her mad.

ANNA – 2016 – 14′

After three years, Anna sends a totally unexpected text message to a guy who used to be her best friend. What is it that Anna will tell Matteo? Why does she want to see him? A love story that will have you hooked to the very end.

BAGNI – 2015 – 8′ 

Lea is a chubby old lady with a large pair of glasses perched on her nose. She has worked in the same public toilets for many years. She loves her job with its tidiness and cleanliness, but more than anything else, she loves to dream. Toilets is the story of Lea’s impossible dreams.

BLACK COMEDY – 2015 – 14′
A rough and seasoned playwright and his young, bright and good-looking companion are the opposite sides of the same mirror.  The couple is together in life and also in this “black comedy”. A young journalist will follow their story and, through a series of  puns and verbal exchanges, they will break the wall that separates reality from fiction.

COLOMBI – 2016 – 21′

A couple of lovers lives together an entire century of life while objects, trends, movies at the movie theatre and architects follow one another in a slow but inexorable decline towards the horror. Their obsession with the octagonal knobs of the coffeemakers and with the anonymous design objects will accompany them along the passing by of the decades. Aging and gradually losing their force, but never the clarity of mind to accept this decline, they finally decide to exclude the world, darkening and sealing the shutters of their home and withdrawing into themselves, leafing through the pages of old encyclopedias of extinct animals.


This is the story of Frankie Tramonto, Italian immigrant, struggling to survive in modern New York City among improbable dates, typical Italian food and a shady immigration lawyer who forces him to confront with a dark choice in order to stay in the U.S.

GIBBERISH – 2016 – 12′
After a silent year of absence a daughter returns home for Christmas. Afraid to lose her, afraid of her, the Mother tries to break down her wall of secrets and lies. A portrait of misunderstanding and missed opportunity in which words disintegrate and fail to reach their recipient. (invented language)

L’ULTIMA ORAZIONE – 2016 – 16′

The Last Prayer is a comedy focusing on the themes of memory and remembrance, on the marks we leave behind us after death.  A reflection on how memory can be manipulated in the perception of those who grieve the death of their beloved ones.

ROSA – 2016 – 24′

The daily life of Rosa, in a small town of southern Italy. She lives with her mother, who needs a serious surgery , but their financial problems make it hard. She works, underpaid, as a secretary of a doctor. Her only safe thing in life is faith: every night before to go to sleep, she prays the Rosary. She is in Church Choir. One day, after a Mass, she sees a purse forgotten on a bench.

VIOLA FRANCA – 2016 – 16′ 

Sicily, 1965. When 17 year old Franca is pressured into marrying her own rapist to avoid becoming a pariah amongst the traditionalist change history forever and pave the way for the fight for women’s rights. Based on a true story.