Black Comedy

A rough and seasoned playwright and his young, bright and good-looking companion are the opposite sides of the same mirror. The couple is together in life and also in this “black comedy”. A young journalist will follow their story and, through a series of puns and verbal exchanges, they will break the wall that separates reality from fiction.

Luigi Pane

Year, length, genre
2015 – 14′ – fiction

Luigi Pane

Festival distribution
I Film Good

Sales rights
Worldwide – Tv – VoD – Web – Theatrical

Fortunato Cerlino, Antonia Liskova

Festival awards

– The Valley Film Festival (USA): Best Narrative Short
– Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio Dino De Laurentiis (IT): Talento Campano award
– Festival Inventa un film (IT): Best actor Fortunato Cerlino
– Toko Film Festival (IT): Best actor Fortunato Cerlino
– Social World Film Festival (IT): Best Screenplay, Best actress Antonia Liskova
– Formia Film Festival (IT):  Best Screenplay, Best actor Fortunato Cerlino, Best actress Antonia Liskova