Toilettes (Bagni)

Lea is a chubby old lady with a large pair of glasses perched on her nose. She has worked in the same public toilets for many years. She loves her job with its tidiness and cleanliness, but more than anything else, she loves to dream. Toilets is the story of Lea’s impossible dreams.

Laura Luchetti

Year, length, genre
2015 – 8′ – animation

Donkadillo, supported by MiBACT

Festival distribution
Laura Luchetti

Sales rights
Worldwide (excluding Italy) – Tv – VoD – Web – Theatrical

Festival awards
– Fano International Film Festival (IT): Special Mention of the Jury
– Corti in Cortile (IT): Best Cinematography
– Salento International Film Festival SIFF (IT): Best Animation
– Figari Film Fest (IT):Best Animation
– Lago Film Fest (IT): Pix Award
– ShorTS International Film Festival – Maremetraggio (IT): Special Mention of the Jury
– Etna Comics (IT): Special Mention of the Jury
– Gold Elephant World – International Film & Musical Festival (IT): Special Mention of the Jury
– Nastri d’Argento 2016 (IT): Nomination Best Animation Short