Screwed (Un uccello molto serio)

For the first time ever, Matteo has cheated on his wife Mara, who is on vacation, and spent a night of wild, steamy sex with Angela, whom he recently met by chance. He awakens with a headache and a satisfied memory of the night. But a message from the wife tells him that she is coming back home because of a hitch and leave him prey to panic. He tries to hide every trace of the adultery but, plagued by guilt-feelings and fear of being caught, enters into a paranoiac spiral, and his clumsy attempts to fix things only manage to create more damage.

Lorenza Indovina

Year, length, genre
2014 – 14’ – fiction

Redibis Film, Cinédokké (CH), RSI (CH), supported by MiBACT, Ufficio Federale della Cultura (CH)

Festival distribution
I Film Good

Sales rights
Worldwide (excluding Italy, Switzerland, Belgium) – Tv – VoD – Web – Theatrical

Rolando Ravello, Elena Arvigo, Lydia Biondi, Chiara Caselli

Festival awards
– Asti Film Festival (IT): Best actress Elena Arvigo
– Amarcort Film Festival (IT): Best short, Best actor
– Corto corto mon amour (IT): Best screenplay
– Foggia Film Festival (IT): Excellence Award
– Festival Pontino del cortometraggio (IT): Special mention of the Jury
– Roma Creative Contest (IT): Special mention of the Jury
– Sciacca Film Festival (IT): Best short
– Budapest Short Film Festival (HG): Best comedy
– Bovino Independent Short Film Festival (IT): Best screenplay comedy, Best actor
– MoliseCinema Film Festival (IT): Special mention of the Jury
– State aKorti Film Festival (IT):Best music
– SHORTini Film Festival (IT): Best short
– Salento Finibus Terrae (IT): Best actor
– Figari Film Fest (IT): Best direction, best actor
– Festival Alto Vicentino (IT): Best direction
– Cortinametraggio (IT): Cortinametraggio award, RAICinemaChannel award
– Visioni Italiane (IT): Kinodromo award cinematography and visual effect
– Ortigia Film Festival (IT): Audience award