Virgin land (Tierra virgen)

In a Peru choked by drug trafficking, more and more farmers decide every day to escape the yoke of organized crime, gathering in cooperatives. Tierra Virgen investigates the life of a farming family who is about to start walking on this legality’s path. Nesto, as a teenager, lends a hand in the field of the parents even if would like to stay close to his peers. His father Eusebio is persuaded by his wife Angelica to enter the local cooperative, but, just hidden by a wall of cane, continues to grow coca.

Giovanni Aloi

Year, length, genre
2016 – 14’ – fiction

37th Degree, The Sponk Studios

Festival distribution
Radiator IP sales

Jose’ Mariano Herrera Garces, Gloria Isabel Pintado Merino

Festival awards
Corto Dorico (IT): Premio Nie Wiem

Sales rights
Worldwide – Tv – Theatrical