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The Italian Short Film Center will attend the 36th Marché du Film Court of Clermont-Ferrand (February 1st-5th) with a delegation and a virtual space.

We invite you to discover the most recent Italian productions with a selection of short films created specifically for the upcoming edition of Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival.
The program was created thanks to the collaboration of the Italian distributors. Each of them has selected a representative film from their most recent catalog among the titles registered at the festival and present on the market video library (Shortfilmwire).

On Tuesday, February 2nd at 3:00 pm we will be streaming live from the market FORUM (https://www.shortfilmwire.com/en/2021/forum) to talk about the activities of the CNC, to give you a sneak peek of the 6th Torino Short Film Market, and introduce you to the Italian short film festivals together with AFIC.


THE SHORT FILMS on @shortfilmwire:


by Pietro Pinto
Italy / 2020 / Fiction / 15’00”

In a future world where death no longer exists, Adam rebels by asserting the beauty of a mortal life.

Premiere Film

shortfilmwire I2105001


Gas Station
by Olga Torrico
Italy / 2020 / Fiction / 09’55”

Alice works at a gas station. She has stopped playing music and buried that passion deep inside her. On a sultry summer day, her old music teacher shows up. And Alice starts wondering whether she has been staying away from her fuel for too long.

Elenfant Distribution

shortfilmwire I2100903


Li Paradisi
by Manuel Marini
Italy / 2020 / Fiction / 12’25”

Lucia owns a family olive grove together with her brother Donato, but her trees have stopped producing as they once did because of a parasite which has caused most of the trees to dry out. In a difficult process of acceptance, Lucia embarks on a journey between present and past where her identity as a human being is at stake.

Lights On

shortfilmwire I2100501

guinea pig

Guinea Pig
by Giulia Grandinetti and Andrea Benjamin Manenti
Italy / 2020 / Fiction / 19’57”

In a world where the government has abolished all types of contact between human beings – from eye contact to sexual intercourse – citizens are subjected to a control test annually to check the progress of empathy and sexual attraction.

Gargantua Film Distribution

shortfilmwire I2103971


La Tecnica
by Davide Mardegan and Clemente De Muro
Italy / 2020 / Experimental Fiction / 09’29”

The initiation story of Leonardo, a shepherd’s son. Cesare, a tourist who has just arrived in the village, will teach him the best strategies to adopt with girls.

Tiny Distribution

shortfilmwire I2103685


Le Mosche
by Edoardo Pistone
Italy / 2020 / Fiction / 14’51”

The vicissitudes and adventures of a group of young people, left to their own devices while life and time march on. At the mercy of the demons of growth, of their imagination and arrogance, the boys, like flies buzzing from rot to silk, drag themselves towards a tragic and irreparable epilogue.

Tiny Distribution

shortfilmwire I2103386


L’ultima Habanera
by Carlo Licheri
Italy / 2020 / Fiction / 18’07”

In Cagliari, in a radio station located in an air raid shelter, Ciccio and Bruna – a radio presenter and an actress – cause chaos on the daily show because of sentimental matters, the day the end of the Second World War is announced.

Olbia Film Network

shortfilmwire I2102080


by Elena Beatrice and Daniele Lince
Italy / 2020 / Fiction / 09’47”

After a big fight, a couple wakes up with an unbelievable problem: he can’t speak and she can’t hear anything. Doctors and exams are useless. A female Zen Master and a very special plant come to their rescue.


shortfilmwire I2105289